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Crystal Medic ® Purified Water

Crystal Medic® Purified Water

Crystal Medic is a High Quality, High Purity Bottled Water, suitable for a wide use of applications approved for use in autoclaves, steam sterilizers, critical cleaning, industry and science based organizations. Crystal medic is one of the highest specification bottled purified water available with exceptionally low micro organisms, endotoxin and conductivity counts. Crystal Medic achieves complete sterilization and improves the working life of appliances.

Crystal Medic ® Purified Water conforms to the following standards;

  • European Pharmacopoeia (EP)
  • British Pharmacopoeia (BP)
  • EP Bulk Packaged Purified Water
  • Health Technical Memorandums – HTM2030 / HTM01-05
  • British Standard BS-EN 13060

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Crystal Medic® Purified Water Label

To ensure product quality, samples are taken from various stages of production and consistently monitored on every batch produced, as well as strict in house systems. We use third party UKAS accredited analytical testing to validate Crystal Medic® Purified Water. For customers who are required or wish to show appropriate due diligence in product selection we offer compliance certificates of our list of standards to support your processes..

The Crystal Medic certificate of conformity is valuable information for your records, and is currently issued monthly and free of charge. This type of certification is batch specific but may not match the exact batch you take delivery of. For absolute critical applications we offer a premium product / certified by batch service. If this is of interest we will need to know the volumes you require, specific use, standard required and product shelf life.

We are constantly performing research and investing in our processes equipment. We use System Health checks from a leading pharmaceutical purification organisation; this offers additional and valuable third party direction when it comes to improvement and investment in the products and plant machinery.

Usage Instructions

  • Observe use-by dates storing away from direct light, heat, chemicals or contaminants.
  • Any water unused or left in opened containers degrades rapidly and at the end of the day should be discarded.
  • We do not recommend the use of Crystal Medic® Purified Water for human consumption.