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The Importance of Good Sterilization

The Importance of Good Sterilization

Proper sterilization is as important as good dental health or a clean house. You wouldn’t forget to brush your teeth or live in a messy home, so why risk poor quality sterilization? Good sterilization starts with high quality purified water, and there’s really no other place to turn for this than Crystal Clear.

Crystal Medic is the top quality bottled purified water from Crystal Clear Products. It is most commonly used in the science and critical cleaning industries, and has been subject to a host of stringent processes and standards such as the European Pharmacopoeia (EP), the British Pharmacopoeia (BP), the Health Technical Memorandums (HTM) 2030 and 01-05, plus the British Standards BS-EN 13060.

In this economic climate, people are looking to save money on everything from lab supplies to dental supplies, but skimping out on proper sterilization means there could be a danger of causing damage to your customers, whether that’s to their dental health or providing them with products without proper sterilization. There are many websites telling you how to save money on things like sterilization, disinfection and preservation products, but what you pay for is what you get.

Paying for the highest quality DI water means you and your customers can rest assured that you and they are getting the best sterilization possible. Crystal Medic purified water is the choice of sterilization for professionals across the country because of its ability to achieve complete sterilization and improve the lifespan of appliances across the spectrum, whether that’s dental supplies or lab appliances.

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