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Crystal Medic and HTM105

Crystal Medic and HTM105

With HTM105 covering so many decontamination issues within the practice – it could leave you wondering which system you should improve on next. One thing in the memorandum I would like to mention is the quality of purified water that you should be using in your sterilisers, the fact that when I read the article it prompted more questions than answers surely means it’s worth discussing.

HTM105 itself does not actually list the specific contents or upper limits for elements contained within the purified water. The memo requires your purified water to conform to BS-EN 13060, which – within the industry is not a particularly recognised standard when compared to other standards such as British Pharmacopeia (BP) and European Pharmacopeia (EP).

Unless you are willing to part with this amount of money BS13060 is not an easy specification to get your hands on. BP and EP is the specification we would normally be required to manufacture and until recently BS13060 was a standard that we didn’t even analytically test to. BS13060 actually requires more testing and analysing than BP and EP, within the specific elements dissolved in the purified water.

Essentially if you use Crystal Medic purified water, its one less thing to worry about – because we have rigorous in house and outsourced testing. Every bottle you purchase is guaranteed to achieve the specification required by HTM105. We can supply certificates to prove this which helps you show you have took due diligence in choosing the correct purified water for successful decontamination.