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Sterlisation and Customer Satisfaction

Sterlisation and Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to clients choosing a dental facility, there comes ample choice- I want to talk about why they could choose one practice over another. This applies to those in the private or NHS sector who invest in reliable contractors to provide them with professional services such as autoclaves engineers, tooling supplies, dental water, or purified water. This is only my point of view from someone in the industry having seen it all – visiting and providing di water to hundreds of different setup practices all over the country.

From a clients perspective there are so many different dental surgeries to choose from. How do you choose the right dental surgery for you? Is it a question of prices (both privately and NHS run surgeries)? Or are their certain elements to look for in a good quality, reliable dental surgery?

Just having friendly staff, a great customer service ethic, with nicely decorated rooms is the norm now, however a lot of clients will look deeper into your surgery, particularly those who have previously had bad experiences with unhygienic dental practices. Showing your clients you run up to date and consistent decontamination procedures is something to think about remembering ro water or dental water is only a small part – but key part to the process. Important key issues or attention to detail like these not only make and form impressions with the customer but could be vital for the safety of your clients.

In Summary one way you can separate yourself from the competition is to sell the fact that you have raised the quality of decontamination in your facility by remembering to document and promote your processes like the dental water you use is pure water to a recognised standard. I think when a client knows how seriously you take sterilisation and customer safety they are more comfortable and happy to remain a good customer for years to come.