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Becoming a Crystal Medic Distributor

Becoming a Crystal Medic Distributor

We are looking for trade distributors to sell the reputed Crystal Medic® Purified Water in the United Kingdom. Adding our brand of purified water to your portfolio is sure to increase business with growing opportunities to sell this coveted product.

Crystal Medic® is an industry leading product that has and does continually go through stringent processes to make it highly purified, whatever your customer’s business is. The purified water is suitable for use in a variety of industries including critical cleaning (dentistry), lab work and autoclaves, amongst others.

Repeat business is almost guaranteed with our brand of DI water. There is room for an attractive profit margin and you can even make it your own branded product. Current customers love our purified water and are loyal in always coming back. Becoming a distributor of Crystal Medic® means you are selling a high quality, industry approved product to your customers, whatever they need it for. We even supply free compliance certificates should you or your customers require it for verification purposes.

We offer an attractive package for distributors, including credit facilities and bulk discounts. Considering further the fact that this purified water has been accredited by the European Pharmacopoeia (EP), British Pharmacopoeia (BP), the Health Technical Memorandums – HTM2030 and HTM01-05 as well as the British Standard BS-EN 13060, you know you are selling your customers the best of the best. Coupled with its highly regarded reputation in the industry, you can be sure your customers will not be disappointed.

To become a distributor, please fill out the form here and we will contact you in due course.